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Are you A Tax Payer? Lisa Patrick

  The hard working Albertan – constantly has its home province dealing with transient workers from across Canada.
   We open our arms and our hospitality to non Albertans, accept that they are taking jobs away from our sons, brothers, family so they can provide for their family in another province not even spending here!!!
   Alberta should give us a loyalty credit for staying in the thick and the thin of this province.
IF not an annual provincial tax credit, why not a loyalty credit for every 5 years residency here.
If they need help on how to complete it, ask the federal government, they know how to Implement a tax credit form!
Some money must be available if The federal Government can award us $156.60 a year for working in Canada, Alberta must be able to find some!

Darlene Lafond C.P.C., R.P.A.

Las Vegas – To Buy or Not to Buy? Lisa Patrick

We have had several inquires in the past month about purchasing property in Las Vegas.  What you need to know!

When looking in Las Vegas buyer beware of the really pretty condo that is selling for $60,000.00  Ask the right questions:

  1. Are the other condo owners living there?  Why ask this? We found that most of the condo’s are purchased but the owners don’t live in them but rather have purchased them because they have guaranteed rent that has been subsidized from the State.
  2. Make sure all  the toilets flush.  Really, some of the condo’s previous owners have put concrete down the toilet.
  3. Make sure the place has not been stripped of all the copper.
  4. Ask the other tenants or owners how the Condo Association/HOA is?  Are they managed properly? Are they happy with the HOA ? How fast is the HOA attending to the needs of the complex/community and tenants?  Is there a representative or a board in your Community?
  5. Make sure your realitor understands all your needs and all that is required for paperwork when purchasing a property when you reside in another country?

These are just some of the things you need to know.

Lisa Patrick

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