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Is your home your office? Lisa Patrick

Whether you’re a contractor occasionally working at home or an entrepreneur you need a room of your own to work in.  Don’t give in to the temptation to work on the sofa in front of the television.  Instead, have your own working space. This should be a permanent desk in a spare room with all the equipment that you need.

Having a defined separation when possible in your home as your work space will ensure that you won’t drift in out of work and ensure your entire focus is on your work. Make this space comfortable to work in, a space uncluttered, organized and make your home office your own – personalize your space.

When you work from home you will need to be sure that you are accurately accounting for all your office in home space so that you can utilize that tax advantages to working from home.

Utilize C2online's Office in Home Calculator to assist you to ensure that you take full advantage of your home, garage and yard space so you get the biggest tax savings possible.

Lisa Patrick

Home Depot was just a small business once! Lisa Patrick

I came across this article by Fran Tarkenton, on his website,   I found the article very interesting and I wanted to share my thoughts on his article and share the link with you.

We all start small, some in the garages of our homes, some are the local corner store, and others have an idea and are fortunate enough to have the right person come along and like it.

As entrepreneurs we should never give up.  It seems that all the small businesses I come across all have the same complaint, "Not enough time and money."  After all, when we start we have a 9 to 5 job that actually pays our bills but leaves us little time to work on our business and no funds to achieve the success we inspire for as quickly as we like.

I found Frans story about Bernie Marcus; Home Depot inspiring.  Click here to read more.

Tips for speaking in front of an Audience Lisa Patrick

I remember the first time I spoke in front of a group of people, I was scarred to death.  I had been a stay home mom for the last 4 years and I was more comfortable speaking to 4 year olds' than a whole room of business professionals...SO this is what I did..

Checked out the room:

 I provided myself a comfortable cushion by:

Standing at the podium to get a real  feel for the room!

Used the microphone, turned the projector on and off – made sure that everything is working and you know how to work them.  There is nothing worse than having a room full of people and your fumbling with the equipment and distracted.  By the way that day I came 45 minutes early and nothing worked it took us an hour at the hotel to get their system to work.  I bought my own equipment after that!

I made sure my notes were in order!

Time to speak:

Don’t stand in one spot behind the podium the entire time – walk about a 3 foot area if your equipment allows you to.  That podium acts like a Barrier between you and your audience.

Oh and for god’s sake don’t lean on it!


After the speech always try to have some kind of handout about your key points.  Advise the audience at the beginning of the speech you have a handout.  This will stop your audience from frantically writing and will just listen to what you have to say.

I still get the butterflies every time I speak and my heart races like crazy, but a few minutes and it all goes away cause I know I have something worth saying and they are listening.

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