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Frustrated- Payroll Due! Lisa Patrick

As a small business owner who does not want to pay your bookkeeper or accountant to file the ONE T4 slip you have for the year..what do you do?

Well I went online to the CRA website and fumbled around ... really let's not make it easy for us to find things...

I have included in this article the T4 Summary you need to fill out.. Just CLICK HERE and download.

I have also included the T4... Just CLICK HERE and download.

Good Luck
Lisa Patrick, CEO

Tax Claim - Medical fee's Lisa Patrick

You can deduct as a tax payer your fees associated with the task of your doctoring filling out medical forms as a medical expense. 

I represent that you should claim the tax preparation fee as a medical expenses.  If it was ever challenged I would represent that in tax court... logical to me.

You should also ask your self if you are claiming all your expenses that are eligible for a deduction.  We have 9 products online dealing with medical claims. Just go to our store and search 'medical'.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

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