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Alberta is the richest province? Lisa Patrick

Yes, our personal tax return in Alberta would be disallowed a massage receipt if it is not issued by a doctor’s office.
Yes, even if they have been provincially certified, the personal tax return for Alberta would be disallowed a medical claim.
Yes, your medical plan would take it no matter what province you live in!
Yes, when you review the Canada Revenue Agency Tax Guide, RC4064, it neglects to indicate what the difference is if a receipt is issued by a different medical practitioner.
Alberta does not allow a receipt from a certified massage therapist as an allowable claim but in other provinces in Canada it is allowed.
Yes, this federal guide RC 4064 does not provide any information indicating that certain provinces do not recognize some receipts from some practitioners in some provinces.

Yes, the only place I have been provided an official list provided by

Darlene Lafond R.P.A., C.P.C.

Is it tax payers responsibility to file their taxes? Lisa Patrick

 Government tax departments believes it the taxpayer’s own responsibility to file their taxes.
So, if you as a taxpayer is unaware of where your tax filing status is because you have relied on your spouse or another person to take care of things – I encourage you to at least once a year see if your tax situation is being completed to your best advantage.  We offer free ∏ hour consult!
This is not to be directed at any gender specifically but in my years of experience I have done professional tax prep, I believe one gender is better than the other…overall.

So, do not assume anything ! …  it does not hurt to take a look at the government notices to see at least that you have a notice for the tax years.

Darlene Lafond C.P.C., R.P.A

Selling your Company - Save some tax! Lisa Patrick

 Hey, for you corporations out there selling your company’s belongs at a profit of what you paid…usually land and buildings… do not forget to ask your accountant about the capital dividend account T2054!!!  Tax free dividends to the shareholders…

Corporate Registry - Minute Books Lisa Patrick

 Keeping your minute book for your company up to date, may be as simple as having a convention somewhere and doing minutes of the shareholder meetings and director meetings.
Every province in Canada has an annual corporate registry requirement, why not have a convention to compliment that filling requirement

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