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10 medical deductions that can save you money Lisa Patrick

Tom McFeat  recently wrote an article in CBC News  about your medical expenses. In the article as a tax payer you were advised that ‘you do need to do some homework, in terms of keeping your medical expense receipts.’ It's something that is not easy to do over the course of a year unless you make a conscious effort to put the receipts aside.’

At C2online our tools will help you to ensure you maximize on these claims, save money and save time by simplifying the tasks for you:

Deduct your Gluten Free Groceries: You must calculate the incremental cost to ensure you receive the medical expense claim.  Incremental cost is the increased cost of purchasing a GF product as compared to the cost of a similar non-GF product. It is calculated by subtracting the cost of a non-GF product from the cost of a GF product. C2online provides the calculation in your worksheet for you.

Deduct the travel: If you are traveling more than 40 km one way for medical reasons, you can claim the trips on your personal tax return for a medical deduction.  Keep a diary of trips taken for medical reasons to use for a medical deduction on your personal tax return a medical critical to know the total number of kilometers your automobile was driven during the year for any medical purposes when you have traveled over 40 km one way. 

The article suggests you contact your drugstore for a complete list to save time – We have a form to request for medical receipts from your pharmacist.

Eligible expenses that you claim can get missed and this list states the ones most commonly missed.

Disability tax credit will provide those taxpayers that are the in-home caregivers to a parent or grandparent age 65 or older.  You need help to ensure that you are claiming this eligible credit correctly and receiving the appropriate amount of credit this tool will assist you.

Neglectful Employee's at The Canada Revenue Agency Lisa Patrick
We need our federal or provincial government to appoint a personal taxpayers advocate that understands the tax system Or publicize the resolution process more.

Since April 2011 we have been having to push Canada Revenue Agency to complete tasks on a file that at conclusion is worth about $15,000 dollars in refunds to the taxpayer.

The employees of the Canada Revenue Agency that has handled the file have neglected their job duties on several occasions.  A blatant neglect by several employees by professionals that are supposed to know more about taxes than the taxpayer.
If it had not been for our long term relationship (20+ years) with the parents of the taxpayer we would have lost the trust of the taxpayer.

The taxpayer was even told on one occasions that we, the tax preparer had made mistakes and misdirected them as to the eligibility of the refund that was anticipated.

Canada Revenue Agency actually issued a notice of tax owing but not the tax refund.  Canada Revenue Agency actually made it appear that the taxpayer now owed the government $1600.00 and not that the Canada Revenue Agency owed them $15,000.00

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

The next time there is a federal election I would like to go public with this file.

Is there any provincial candidate that wants to help….

Disability Tax Credit - Transfer - How to? Lisa Patrick

Disability Tax Credit

If a family member is dependent on another family member for food or shelter or clothing – any essential life support on a routine basis: You should discuss with them if they qualify for the disability tax credit T2201.

They may not require the disability tax credit on their taxes but if the support person needs it, they may be able to transfer any unused disability tax credit to them just because they are providing essential life support, even if the person does not live with the person providing support.
Federal                                 provincial
Disability tax credit transfer                 line 318                        5848

If a disabled person lives with you….claim…
Amount for infirm dep over 18            line 306                        5820
Caregiver credit                                   line 315                        5840

*NOTE:  Do not forget to explore medical claim as well.

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