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Personal Tax Credits - Is your software claiming correctly? Lisa Patrick

First, always make sure your tax practitioner claims medical, donations, child fitness credit, home renovations, all personal credits on the spouse that is paying both provincial and federal taxes.

We have had to over ride software programs to claim the amounts so they are in the best advantage to our clients.  REMEMBER: The computer does not always default correctly.
This time it made a difference of $1500.00.

Darlene Lafond C.P.C., R.P.A.

June 15 DEADLINE.... Don't Forget! Lisa Patrick

The June 15 filing deadline for persons with a business is fast approaching.  Think about the use of your home, your vehicle, your travel expenses seriously.
Take time to really think and plan with someone…..
If you have not done any thinking or planning for 2009, you probably lost some deductions.
Start thinking about 2010 right away!

If you need help contact us for a FREE 1/2 hour Consult.

Are You Frustrated with the Service CRA offers and don't know who to Complain To? Lisa Patrick

Have you been trying to get help from the tax department and are not getting anywhere?? Not sure where to go to next??

CRA's tax department is there to help... and want to provide better service.  If you have contact with or are not obtaining the tax preparation from the government department, you may correspond to the complaint department. THEY DO REPLY PROMPTLY.  We have had great results.

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Darlene Lafond C.P.C., R.P.A.

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