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Biz-Boom: Maintain and Grow your Business to Success Lisa Patrick


Dan Sumner Economist from ATB, will provide insight into the current state of Alberta’s economy and what we can expect in the future.

Also in this seminar you will learn more about proven business strategies and free & fee business tools and templates that assist you to position your business financially for success.

Some of the topics discussed:
1. Is my business set up properly and am I receiving the most tax advantages possible.
2. Tax Tips - how to save more of your money.
3. Business tools and templates.
4. How to read a financial statement.

Gladys Molly from ATB Financial will be providing an overview of business banking options to suit all business industry's.


R.S.V.P. Now

Your Will - Make sure someone knows where it is. Why? Lisa Patrick

There is  nothing wrong with giving it to your Tax Accountant to keep.  You visit them every year.
Your tax accountant would be the most liikely first place a family member would ask about it.
Remember it is a nightmare for the family if no Will can be found.  It's even worse if they know there is one and they just can not locate it.

Bookkeeping Quotes - How to Communicate Clearly! Lisa Patrick

Bookkeeping is not so different than going to the mechanic. You know you need some service work but you have no idea on how much or what it is they do.
We have been using a method for quoting fees for several years now that asks the client to provide some basic information.  It's a standard billing process that utilizes a code and a standard time or flat rate for the different facets of a bookkeeping file.
Just to name some of the different services we have to provide as a bookkeeping to complete a clients records efficiently.
Contacts to: government, account receivable etc…
Completion of Government forms like remittances for payroll, taxes etc.
Bookkeeping input by matching every journal entry or condensing the journal entries.
Photocopying, backing up the data file, organizing the filing system, printing of reports…
Year end examination for confirmation on the accuracy of the information.

You can go to our free tools and download our free product, and have a look at our sample of some of the codes that we use.  You can look forward to an online quoting software that will complete the quote for you.  Coming Very Soon!


How to Deal and Influence Toxic Clients Lisa Patrick

We have a proven method on how to deal with Toxic Clients.  This method is in place to recognize the fact that every retail industry has “Toxic Clients” is the first step.
The next step is recognize why they are toxic and that might involve you accepting some accountability for a mistake.

Some steps that we have developed teach us how to:
1.        teach the toxic client to be appreciative and worthwhile.
2.        refer the toxic client to an alternate.
3.        and finally how recognize when you have to get rid of that toxic client
We are keynote speaking about this very subject.  Check our events calendar for more information. 

This event is only open to bookkeepers and accountants.  However, we will be conducting a webinar on this very subject and you amy contact us directly to pre-register for that event.

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