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Does your bookkeeper have...? Lisa Patrick

Ensuring that your bookkeeper is qualified to complete the tasks required by your accountant to file the year end is very important. 

ASK YOURSELF how much time and money is spent trying to decide what they need in order to complete your bookkeeping for year end?

Finding a bookkeeper that is able to communicate to you what they need is also part of their job description.  Do they have all the communication tools and checklists to ensure that when they receive the bookkeeping from you that they have all the paperwork necessary to complete all their tasks.  Remember every time they call and request paperwork from you that should have been communicated to you initially when you provided them your box, costs you money. 

Ask yourself, if they don't know what they need or how to communicate to you; how good of a job are they doing?  It is not just about the data entry it's about truly understanding what you the client requires and communicating those needs to you.

Lisa Patrick

Who do you trust to ensure your are compliant? Lisa Patrick
Business owners that are trusting some one to do their bookkeeping and all the reporting to the government agencies….are you sure?

You are right, you have to do want you are good at and leave the stuff in your business that is better completed by those that know but…
How do you know the person you are trusting to know actually knows AND IS DOING IT?
Confirm the reporting to the government is done – INSIST at the very least to receive the “yearly” copy of  the notice from the government that says “ASSESSMENT” and the “year”.


Darlene Lafond C.P.C.,R.P.A.

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