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Online Marketing and Advertising is the Need of the Hour of the Bookkeeper C2online
In the current digital age, asking yourself if your bookkeeping or accounting practice has or wants to have an online presence is redundant. There is no option anymore - all companies must have an online presence to survive in competitive global markets.Online advertising - which includes social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing - is a must and most small to mid-sized companies are wise enough to outsource online advertising to external agencies.

The Internet is not used only for advertising anymore; in fact, as a result of cloud computing, mobile applications, and improved communication networks, most bookkeepers and accountants are now allowing employees to work over the Internet and are even conducting business meetings via online conferences. Despite Marissa Mayer famously banning working from home at Yahoo!, many employees value the option of working from home.  Debate about the pros and cons aside (we’ll not dive into that debate here), the trend is alive. Folks are using the ‘net to collaborate in ways that were not possible a few short years ago.

We also know physical meetings and actual face-to-face interaction can be vital (a driving force behind Marissa’s decision). Yet, 100% of the 100 Best Companies to Work for offer telecommuting options and 32% of employees are regular telecommuters, so the trend towards online collaboration grows.  There’s clearly no right answer; just the right solution for each individual business. Temper your need for employee flexibility and the need for face-to-face interactions.  Travelling to offsite company strategy meetings can be an effective way to bring people together, especially to discuss your online marketing and advertising strategy.


Benefits of online advertising and having a strong online presence

Firstly, all bookkeepers and accountants must maintain a website that is attractive and can support latest technologies. Do company websites need to be better monitored for maintenance? The answer is ‘yes’. You need to have a dedicated web team to manage websites and update them regularly so that company blogs and websites have minimum downtimes and issues.

With online advertising, companies can direct your messages to your ideal or target audience. No time or money is spent on advertising to the wrong audience or waiting for the right people to spot your campaigns. Do you doubt if your company budget and strategy for advertising takes into account the overall business plan and client types that the campaigns need to serve? With online advertising, this is very easy to do as you can maintain a constant brand image and easily target different types of clients with different campaigns and content. 

Online advertising also allows you as a bookkeeper or accountant to develop better relationships with your customers, and is a great way to retain existing customers. Most importantly, with online advertisements, you can customize the advertising campaigns for every customer or groups of customers. Additionally, online advertising is much cheaper than traditional print-radio-television advertising, and your campaigns will be active 24/7. The campaigns also have a worldwide reach, so even a small business can attract customers on a global scale.

Another advantage of having a strong presence online is that customers and other internet users will view your company as an expert source of information in the industry, which not only gives you an edge over competitors but also improves brand image and awareness. Have you asked yourself if your company provides free consultation in the community or in the office? This can be easily done if the company has a formidable online presence. Blog posts, newsletters, articles, guest blogs, etc. are all forms of free consultation, as the company is offering valuable information for free to anyone who wants it.


Want to explore media advertising through radio, television or online social media?

Are you wondering which media channel is the best for advertising? Actually, there is no one perfect advertising channel. Companies are advised to consider all – radio, television, and social media channels if the budget allows this. However, social media cannot be ignored and the company should either outsource social media marketing management to an external agency or build a team dedicated to managing the social media presence of the company. Social media platforms allow potential customers to get unbiased information from existing customers about the company, so monitoring social media channels and campaigns is a necessity for companies.

Are you exploring newspaper coverage for sale ads or information type ads? If yes, then this is a good move but it must be coupled with similar ads on social media platforms. This is because people can view your ads anytime and from anywhere on their mobile devices if you post them on social media platforms. Also, your print campaigns must look similar to your social media campaigns. Companies need to figure out how to improve the print material they have and develop them further to match their social media campaigns.

Every Dollar Matters - Increase Revenues After Tax Season Lisa Patrick

During the current recession, many businesses and individuals are turning to professional accountants in order to ensure the correct preparation of their tax returns to avoid costly penalties. This means that there are many opportunities for accountancy offices and franchises to grow - an opportunity for a new revenue stream to offset the lack of revenue after tax season.

But tax season for personal income tax returns is a 3 month a year revenue stream.  We all see kiosk’s in the mall from Liberty Tax and H&R Block but what about the other 9 months of the year? Your business client comes in once a year to file their T2 return but you don't see them for the other 11 months of the year?

Every dollar matters in your business and revenue streams in off peak season are vital to the success of your business.  Bookkeeping offers the opportunity for your business to offer another service for your clientele and generate another revenue stream for your business. But your not a bookkeeper, you're an accountant or a business owner!

A brand new software Bookkeeper’s Quote™ now provides you the opportunity to profile new clients or existing clients and match their businesses with bookkeeping tasks required.  The bookkeeping software provides you the communication tool necessary to discuss the tasks associated with bookkeeping and at the same time provides you the checklist of bookkeeping tasks you will need to complete to provide a bookkeeping service.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ also will create accurate bookkeeping quotes that properly reflect a bookkeepers' time and work on clients' accounts, based on your rates and task/time settings or default proven standard times.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ is designed to assist the user in Communicating 2 the client about the costs and any adjustments in billings after the quote.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ includes everything you will need to ensure you provide accurate reliable service to a client.  Whether they are new to your office,  client information is recorded, compliance methods assured, contacts with the government accounted for, posting and invoicing recorded, payroll included and tax regulatory issues are highlighted and more.

So if you are looking to add a revenue stream to your existing business or a new business that compliments what you are currently doing think about bookkeeping and make every dollar count.


Beware Tax Notice from The Government Lisa Patrick
Whether you read or refer to your tax accountant, do take a second look at the letter even if it looks like a form letter. The sooner you respond to the government requests, the easier it is to deal with them. If, the person you talk to does not treat you the way you expect to be treated – ask for another representative or a supervisor. If this does not provide you what you need, ensure you write a letter Winnipeg Tax Centre 66 stapon Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3M2 Register it if you like… You do have rights. They cannot treat you unfairly. Darlene Lafond, R.P.A.

How to Deal and Influence Toxic Clients Lisa Patrick

We have a proven method on how to deal with Toxic Clients.  This method is in place to recognize the fact that every retail industry has “Toxic Clients” is the first step.
The next step is recognize why they are toxic and that might involve you accepting some accountability for a mistake.

Some steps that we have developed teach us how to:
1.        teach the toxic client to be appreciative and worthwhile.
2.        refer the toxic client to an alternate.
3.        and finally how recognize when you have to get rid of that toxic client
We are keynote speaking about this very subject.  Check our events calendar for more information. 

This event is only open to bookkeepers and accountants.  However, we will be conducting a webinar on this very subject and you amy contact us directly to pre-register for that event.

Testimonial to a good Accountant – Why you need an accountant to handle Estate Lisa Patrick

estate, I know my handling of my dads estate would have been completely different had I not had an accountant that asked me questions…. Gave me lists.

I started helping my dad with his tax stuff soon after he got sick.  He and I just used the routine method he had always taken to file his taxes.  When he died, I assumed the routine would be the same but I would have to do it with out him this year.

Well, what a shocker…  when I visited my dad’s tax office after his death…. The need for the “will” to even have them talk to me….surprised me; as I had been their at that same office several years prior to his death

Upon providing the office the Will, I was referred to a tax accountant.  ….   It was about proving to the government that I had authority to act on his estate after his death. The power of attorney was not good after he died.

The 22 questions that the tax accountant asked me, helped me realize that the final personal return for my father required some i dotting and t crossing..
We discovered that his walking impairment of the last two years resulted in him getting additional money back from those two years prior to his death…. Close to $2500 per year.
It was not that there was an error on the prior years, it was the question about disabilities in daily life,  that was explained in better detail directed me to contact my dad’s doctor.

Anyway, it is my experience that the final paper work is not just about papers, it is finding out that you basically take on a new household when you become an executor.  It was important that the tax accountant knew what I might not know.   Knew I might assume things but this tax accountant knew it was her job… to ask me…very specific questions…

The items my father had willed to his underage grandchildren, had to be set up specific to ensure we did not need to keep the estate open for the years they were under age.  She knew what to do to get the thing finalized…

So when visiting the tax person you believe will be handling the final things…. go to that meeting believing you should been shown something you do not know as they are the tax people… they should know something you do not know….feel confident in the questions that they ask of you … if they ask very little they may not be the right person for you.

Bogus Claims BE CAREFUL ! Lisa Patrick

In the age of electronic processing, there are so many things we search out and complete our selves.
I am the first to say search out, examine the material out there for free and do what you can before paying some one….

Really scary when I discover self employed individuals are actually claiming 50% of their personal expenditures or their home cost in their business.

Man, some things should not be self prepared.  Please at least see us for a free 1/2 hour consultation by phone or office visit.

Do not blindly claim 50% business use on part personal expenses….especially your home.  This could result in you paying tax on the sale of your home.

DARLENE LAFOND R.P.A, C.P.C. Master Tax Accountant
Visit us for a FREE 1/2 Hour Consult

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