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Neglectful Employee's at The Canada Revenue Agency Lisa Patrick
We need our federal or provincial government to appoint a personal taxpayers advocate that understands the tax system Or publicize the resolution process more.

Since April 2011 we have been having to push Canada Revenue Agency to complete tasks on a file that at conclusion is worth about $15,000 dollars in refunds to the taxpayer.

The employees of the Canada Revenue Agency that has handled the file have neglected their job duties on several occasions.  A blatant neglect by several employees by professionals that are supposed to know more about taxes than the taxpayer.
If it had not been for our long term relationship (20+ years) with the parents of the taxpayer we would have lost the trust of the taxpayer.

The taxpayer was even told on one occasions that we, the tax preparer had made mistakes and misdirected them as to the eligibility of the refund that was anticipated.

Canada Revenue Agency actually issued a notice of tax owing but not the tax refund.  Canada Revenue Agency actually made it appear that the taxpayer now owed the government $1600.00 and not that the Canada Revenue Agency owed them $15,000.00

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

The next time there is a federal election I would like to go public with this file.

Is there any provincial candidate that wants to help….

Are you dealing with Estate and Clearance certificate delays? Lisa Patrick
My research indicates that Northern Alberta needs more staff in the Edmonton office.&nbsp; The staff are exceptional in Edmonton but they do not have enough warm bodies.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
I have initiated a request into the Canada Revenue Agency to research the processing time out of Northern Alberta.<br />
<p> </p>
<p>Did the request yesterday, received a prompt call this am&hellip;. They have a team looking at it.</p>
Let&rsquo;s give them some real good examples of the waiting periods exceeding 6, 8, 12, months.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
Please email me or contact Canada Revenue Agency via completing the compliant form via online from the agency.&nbsp; Do not worry about giving client names on the complaint form, just lodge your name and your desire to provide the information &ndash; take 5 minutes to help make a change!!<br />
<br />
<p> RC193 - Service-Related Complaints &lt;<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href=""></a></span>&gt;</p>
<p>Darlene Lafond R.P.A., C.P.C. </p>

Treatment as a taxpayer by Canada Revenue Agency Lisa Patrick

Canada Revenue Agency states that there are 3 methods to obtain satisfaction…but if we may suggest there are 4!!
1.         If you are experiencing a bad experience in the way you are being treated by a Canada Revenue Agency Auditor, ask to speak to their supervisor.

2.         Lodge your complaint on line if method 1. does not work
CRA – Service Complaints, complete Form RC193,
Service Related Complaint, which you can get by going to or by calling 1-800-959-2221 <>  for the form… and then fax it completed.
3.         Contact the office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman
If, after following steps 1 and 2, you are still not satisfied with the way the CRA has handled your complaint, you can file a complaint with the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman.

For more information on the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman and on how to file a complaint, visit their Web site at
4.         We would like to suggest you explore the use of a qualified tax accountant when dealing with Canada Revenue Agency.
Please call me or email me if you have experienced anything – we can help for sure!  Possibly at no cost to you!
See <>  

Poster - Taxpayer Bill of Rights from Canada Revenue AGency <>

Darlene Lafond  R.P.A., C.P.C.

Lost GST#? Now what? Lisa Patrick

If you obtain a receipt for purchases and the GST number is not valid, the Canadian government can actually elliminate the GST payment.

We recommend that for large purchases for your business, validate the GST number by verifying the status of the vendor's GST number at the time of purchase and print the print the results.

Go to Canada Revenue Agency for further information or contact us.

Lost your tax papers? Now What? Lisa Patrick

If you are a taxpayer with only employment and investment income you may order from Canada Revenue Agency all your previous years paperwork.  
Now, it can take the government up to 2 years to get all the tax info keyed into your social insurance number from your employers and investment companies.
Call 1 800 959 8281, and advise them you have lost all your tax papers and explain you are an employed taxpayer.
Ask them to help you determine if they have what you need at this date on their computer database.
There is no need to visit an office, a phone call will provide the confirmation and mail service to your address will get you what they have.
If you have a personal taxpayer with a business and have lost all your tax slips and business bookkeeping, there is a solution but it is much more time consuming and possibly more expensive to get your information recreated.
Ordering your tax slips from the government is easy but it is the recreating of the receipts and statements for the business that will be time consuming and possibly expensive.
If the income you earned for the business is less than $3500 – maybe consider just reporting the income
a.                   There is no Canada pension plan costs
b.                   There is no tax cost for that income level.
If the total income you earned is less $11,000 – maybe still consider just reporting the income rather than trying to recreate all the bookkeeping.
a.                   There is no federal tax cost
b.                   The Canada Pension Plan cost is minimal (approx 5% cost of income over $3500)
c.                   The Provincial tax cost is minimal (approx 5% to 11% of income over $9000 to 16,000 of income) – depending on the province.
Brief Must do list for recreating bookkeeping paperwork:  This list will not provide the official papers but if your self reporting is reasonable; an audit from the Canada Revenue Agency may be fair and allow some claims.
1.                   get some documents from some authority indicating why the papers were lost.
a.       An accident from fire, flood, robbery, vehicle, water backup, etc. – insurance company, police
b.       Marital breakup, move, shipping problem, third party control lost them, etc -  letters or affidavit
c.       If you chose to not keep items, maybe you need to see a doctor and see if they would provide a letter indicating you lost your mind or you were ill!
2. bank statements, order to replace lost ones
    a.       identify the deposits that are not Income for the company with a description and source of such information.
                   i.      All deposits to your bank will be considered income to the business if you do not eliminate the personal non revenue deposits
    b.       identify the withdrawal amounts and what they were for
3. cash receipts – recreating the amounts you know you spent by writing the amounts and when and where you bought them.  If you have the item still, take a picture, document serial numbers etc. to support the claim.
4. charge receipts & statements – order to replace lost ones.
    a.       Identify the withdrawal amounts and what they were for
5. vehicle logs, repair bills that can be reproduced by your dealer, will support kilometers travelled to substantiate your gas purchases.
    a.      Customers distance from your business location will also support travel claims.
6. customer records and vendor records used to support the recreation of information.
There is no guarantee the aforementioned information will be accepted in great quantity but with a qualified tax practitioner representing you with the government and the truth is reasonably supported by events; we do suspect Canada Revenue Agency will be fair in there assessment.

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