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Money Back from Revenue Canada – Missed Medical Refunds Lisa Patrick

If you answer Yes to any of these questions:

  1. Does it take more than average length of time for you to walk?
  2. Do you have hearing problems?
  3. Do you have problems seeing?
  4. Do you have problems eating?
  5. Do you have problems breathing?
  6. Any medical impairment that effects your daily life?

Than you need to read more.

Do not overlook a tax credit that can save you over $2500 a year.
You can get the government to adjust up to 10 years….
I have seen government refund cheques, yes for thousands of dollars –        TAX FREE AND LEGAL!!!

RC4064 – Medical and Disability-Related Information – Includes Form T2201 – 2008 <>

T2201 – Disability Tax Credit Certificate <>

Contact us to see if you qualify or ask your professional.
Darlene Lafond R.P.A., C.P.C.
Master Tax Specialist

WCB Benefits Vs Extended Health Care Benefits Lisa Patrick

If you are looking at extended health benefits for your employee’s ? .. you need to know

As a business using WCB restricts benefits.  Insurance benefit plans insure the individual all day NOT just at work.  y paying for an extended healthcare benefit plan it is a deduction for the company, the shreholders and the employee.  Please be aware this IS NOT a taxable benefit.  Want to learn more about how to structure this properly contact us for a Free 1/2 hour consult.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A., C.P.C.
Master Tax Accountant

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