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How to Open the Door - It's About Them Not You! C2online

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being able to develop your business. It is not just about running around trying to drum up new business. You need to be creative, have a thorough understanding of the company’s product, technology, market and competition. You must be highly focused and have the ability to not only open doors but also close deals. Lets talk about opening that door.


When I look at a product or service that I am going to be involved in and I need to focus on the business development strategy I research what companies would benefit the most from the offering.  Once I have analyzed the potential JV’s, VC’s and alliances, I build a road map in my mind and duplicate it on paper.

 The road map is very much like your typical road map but instead of the cities, and towns being locations they are companies.   Analyzing the vision in my head on paper allows me to see how everything is interconnected and visually your target business development opportunities appear before your eyes.

Now that's the easy part!   Now you know who to contact but how do you get that door open to talk to them. Now you need to focus all about them, who they are as a company, an executive and how they can benefit from your offering.

Making contact with the right person is key, and your first attempt once you decide who that should be may fail.  That’s ok cause you are determined.   First, look at the executive staff and ascertain if anyone you know in your rolodex may have a connection to that particular person or someone in the company that can provide you an introduction.  If the answer results in a no, you then need to contact them directly.  Keep it simple, explain who you are, why you are contacting them and then make sure you make the introduction all about them and how you can help them.

If that attempt fails, try another executive or perhaps maybe an employee that may be able to provide that introduction that cracks that door open for you.  Never give up and be persistent but don't be a pest. 

Good Luck

Lisa Patrick
CEO Co-Founder

Bookkeeping and Pinterest: Yes, it can be done. And yes, you should be doing it. C2online

We did it. We just couldn’t resist the 3rd largest social media platform—we’re on Pinterest. Check it out at

But many may wonder how a bookkeeping software company has a use for Pinterest. It’s not a visually-rich industry and—if you’re one of the 10.5 million users, you already know—Pinterest is all about pictures.

First, let’s talk about why you should consider Pinterest for your business:

  • Pinterest is retaining and engaging users 2-3 times better than Twitter was at a similar time in Twitter’s company history (thesocialskinny)
  • Pinterest accounts for about 3.6% of referral traffic, compared to 3.61% for Twitter (thesocialskinny)
  • Pinterest drives more sales and more new customers than Facebook (

But what can a bookkeeper pin about? Here are our suggestions on what to pin if you’re in the bookkeeping or accounting world:

Your Own Blogs, Guides and Helpful Documents
This is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. If you write a blog (and you should), pin it! Pin an image that reflects your written content to your Pinterest page, add a captivating title and description, and link this image to your blog on your website. This allows pinners to encounter your content and visit your pages in just one click. You can also do this with informative documents, ebooks, guides, etc. Use the document cover or an attractive image to pin. Having good content with links back to your website is a subtle way to promote yourself.

Industry-Related Blogs and Documents
Share good information with others – even if it comes from a source other than you. If you provide good content, people will continue to visit your profile.

Use Infographics & Data Charts
Infographics are visual representations of information and there are infographics for almost anything you can think of. Yes, even accounting-related infographics. Utilize these because they are visual and informative. Better yet, create your own infographic or pin your own data charts. Use a clear headline and link back to your website.

Logos and Images Directly Related to your Business
Absolutely, pin your logo and some good information about your business on a board; followers  need to know what it is you do. It’s OK to have some boards dedicated to this but your entire Pinterest profile should be more than that. Don’t turn people away with self-promotion.

Industry-Related Images
Pin pictures related to bookkeeping – use your imagination! Are there any products that you use in your business? Pin them.  Office supplies you couldn’t live without? Pin those too. There are no real rules and people are looking for your own spin and interpretation.

Pictures You Already Have
Make a board that showcase’s your company’s culture.  Also include a photo and a bio for each person.

Video Gallery
You can pin videos too. Find videos that are informative within your industry and create a board. If you do your own videos, get those on Pinterest too!

General Interest
Show some personality and create boards that are of interest to you. Don’t make it all about business and promoting yourself. You want to engage people and give a variety of content. Pin any type of volunteer work, community involvement, activities you do, and so on. This will show people who you are.

As you build your Pinterest page and increase your followers, you’ll want to start engaging with people. When people make comments on your pins, reply and build relationships with them. Ask questions to entice those comments. Follow other people of interest, re-pin their pins and comment on them.

There are a lot of options for pinning for your business. Overall you want to position yourself as an information source within your industry, share your knowledge, drive traffic to your website, show some personality, and make it fun. But be careful, you may just become a pinning addict!

Free Publicity for your Company – How do I get it? Lisa Patrick

I recently was conducting research and trying to find ways to get free publicity for our products.  I always wondered how companies seem to be always in my radar via TV, web, or in print.  Thinking that these companies spend an enormous amount of money on advertising.  I was surprised to find that some don’t spend a single cent.

I wanted to share what I found:

Position yourself as an expert / utilize someone in your company as an expert.  Media rely on those who are experts in their field.  No different than our judicial system.  When they need relevant information regarding a topic in court then refer to an expert.  That expert is credible.  The media does the same to account for accuracy.

How do you know if you are an expert?  Being an expert simply means that you have a background in a specific area and can lend your expertise.

Find a story in the news that you could comment on. that would make you eligible as an expert.  If you don’t know a current event – Google!

Then once you have found an article, be the Edmonton Journal or nationally – The Globe and Mail, find the reporter covering that story you want to comment on and contact them.

I would make sure you do your research about the reporter.  You may want to comment about them- possibly an achievement they have recently been recognized for or achieved.  If there is no achievement possibly find a greatly written article that they recently have written about.  Show the reporter that you have taken the time not to just sell your expertise but have an interest in them and who they are.

Then talk to them about your expertise /position on a story that you have chosen.  Make sure they are aware of your point of view on the subject and your credentials that defines you as an expert to have an opinion on the subject.  After, the reported is you make a good point will most likely verify your story and you may receive publicity from your expertise.

Lisa Patrick

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