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Do you apprentice employees? Lisa Patrick

Canada Revenue Agency has a tax refund that you may not know about or are  not utilizing correctly.  Since May 1, 2006 Canada Revenue Agency implemented the T2038.  Which states that if you are an employer who has paid up to $20,000.00 for a maximum of 24 months, apprentices will qualify for a 10% tax credit.    There is a maximum of $2000 tax savings for the business (employer) of all apprenticeship per year.

Provide your tax accountant the information via this chart below per year via email if you choose per employer since May 1, 2006.

Apprenticeship T2038

Employee Name

Contract Apprenticeship Number

Social Insurance Number

Name of Eligible Trade

Eligible Salary & wages after any reimbursed

amount by alternate government programs.


Please click here for the T2038 information provided by Canada Revenue Agency; Investment Tax Credit (individuals).  Code 6 Apprenticeship job creation tax credit.

Rental Claims Allowed ... Appeal Won Lisa Patrick

We have been involved in 2 cases now where the tax auditor disallowed rental claims.  We objected to the tax auditors findings in both cases. 
The appeal officer in both cases (two separate appeal officers) Spent little to no time and overruled some or all of the rental claims the first auditor disallowed.  In the most recent case it resluted in a $5595.00 REFUND!!


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