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Prescribed Rate to Interest per Period

When needing to calculate the interest rate on a shareholders' loan or a liability "This spreadsheet is the one".

SKU: SF581vb

Guarantee Payroll Benefits

This letter will provide a detailed reminder to your bookkeeping clients that disbursements & benefits provided to an individual or company may be subject to payroll with holdings.

SKU: SF141vg

Tax Plan & Disbursements

Do you shutter at the fact that you have some clients that still have no idea what personal income they want to declare for personal taxable income? Do they need to determine what monies was for reimbursement for the use their own vehicle or home for the company?

SKU: SF210vh

Government Forms Routing Business

This checklist assist you on the task of how to complete & eventually deliver the T4 & summary information to the employee, the employer and the government.

SKU: SF345vi

Payroll Checklist: Employee + Contractor Details

Do you require a form that you can complete the details to any employee to set up file for payroll example: name, address, birth date, deductions and forms ?

SKU: SF352vl

Ledgers I & E and GST

This spreadsheet will assist you in the task to reconcile sorted and totaled income and expenses of a business to a month to month ledger.

SKU: SF106vd

Receipts Bundled To Ledger

If you have received or created the financial statements for a business and need to do some adjustments to the general ledgers, this spreadsheet will document them for you.

SKU: SF146vd

Apprenticeship Credit for Employer Tool

If your business hires an "eligible apprentice", you qualify to claim the credit.

SKU: SF537vd

Tasks and Staff Assigned

Any office, task supervisor or project manager would find this tool helpful to organize the individual, staff, or project details.

SKU: SF127vc

Payroll Withholding Info Routing Slip

This routing slip is used when an employee and an employer have withholding information for payroll and need to advise all deptartments and/or file in employee file.

SKU: SF231va

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