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Ledgers I & E and GST

This spreadsheet helps reconcile sorted and totaled income and expenses of a business to a month to month ledger.

SKU: SF106vd

GST Close a Business

When a business is closing, you need to make notifications to Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) of such. This is a simple form that you can just fill in the blanks and send.

SKU: SF089va

ITC on CCA Carryforward

When needing to track the input tax credits (ITC) of an asset which is part business use for a GST return, this document would enable you to track your journal entry.

SKU: SF126vb

GST New Housing Rebate

Have you done construction, renovations or built a new home? You can claim for a GST New Housing Rebate to get back the GST/HST you paid. This worksheet will reconcile your receipts for you.

SKU: SF204vc

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