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Simplified Ledger - Rental

The Simplified Ledger- Rental tool will keep track of all the transactions incurred when owning a rental property. We have represented our clients with Canada Revenue Agency successfully with these worksheets on several occasions. It is one of the products we are most proud of.

SKU: SF156v4n

Simplified Ledger - Farm

Are you a farmer looking for a simple solution to handle your expenses? It will help organize all the paper in relation to your farm.

SKU: SF527v4m

Simplified Ledger - Home Renovation

You compile your list of receipts on this excel ledger. It is simple to use and will assist you in satisfying the needs of Revenue Canada to claim your HRTC tax credit. Remember, the maximum amount your allowed to claim is $10,000 and the minimum you must have spent is $1,000.

SKU: SF427vm

Simplified Ledger - Payroll

For small businesses with 13 or less employees, that wants a recording method that is a low cost and efficient method to be compliant with completing payroll reports for the government and the employees. There are several features in the worksheet, such as a pay stub, automatic links to the government website, and much more.

SKU: SF300vddd

Simplified Ledger - Employee Expense

This Simplified Ledger - Employee Expenses will provide you an excel spreadsheet for the recording of the expenses you incur as an employee to submit to your employer for reimbursement or the report on your Tax return as an employment expense deduction. This tool with sort and total you expenses you entered automatically.

Bookkeepers/accountants,individuals,employees/employers and business owners will find this tool an asset to there bookkeeping needs.

SKU: SF237va

Simplified Ledger - Business

Trying to find your first computerized bookkeeping system? Start here on this bookkeeping template. It's simple to learn; an excel ledger based on the principle of balancing a cheque book. You don't have to have any bookkeeping experience to use this tool. On average in one year of using this tool you will save approximately $800.00 in bookkeeping charges. Canada Revenue Agency Audited and Accepted.

SKU: Sf199v4m

Simplified Ledger - Estate

Record all the estate receipts regarding the deceased’s estate that you are an Executor for. This worksheet enables to handle the estate with less hassle and any tax accountant can obtain the reports required in handling the estate.

SKU: SF292vh

Simplified Ledger - Convention

When going on a Convention or assembling backup for one this tool will give you direction and compile all information need to accurately account of your expenses so you may provide an accurate account of expenses and time used.

SKU: SF387vj

Simplified Ledger - Daycare

The Simplified Ledger Daycare worksheet will keep track of all the transactions incurred when running a daycare. We have represented our clients with Canada Revenue Agency successfully with these worksheets.

SKU: SF157vzz

Simplified Ledger - Employee Expense

This tool is a simple way to account and sort your daily/monthly expenses.

SKU: SF237va

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