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Medical Space in Home for Caregiver Protocol

Are you or do you have a caregiver living in your home or know someone this describes?

SKU: SF579va

Medical Kilometer Records - Up to 12 Months

Do you require any easy spreadsheet that is set up like a calendar by the month in columns to record trips and receipts.

SKU: SF525va

Medical Eligibile Expense Credit List

This is a condensed list of medical expenses/items that are eligible for a medical tax credit. The expenses that are listed are commonly missed.

SKU: SF471va

Medical Practitioner Letter

Do you need to send a letter to your medical practitioner for justification of prescribed treatment?

SKU: SF403va

Medical Travel Protocol

This tool provides you the information and format to justify your medical travel claim on your personal income tax return.

SKU: SF526va

Request for Medical Receipts

Are you looking your medical receipt(s) and need to request them from a drug store or a medical practitioner? This formatted document is a template to meet the needs of your request to the drug store or the practitioner.

SKU: SF219vc

Automobile log for Medical Expenses

If you are traveling more than 40 km one way for medical reasons, you can claim the trips on your personal tax return for a medical deduction. You will need an auto log to keep track of the kilometers in order to claim it.

SKU: SF140vc

Simplified Ledger - Medical

When you have multiple medical expense receipts this spreadsheet will sort and total them.

SKU: SF155vn

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