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Biz Begins with Books

Record keeping is considered by many entrepreneurs as one of the
"least important" part of operating a business (unless you are an
accountant). However, good record keeping is essential to your
financial survival.

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Business Information

You will be able to keep a lot of information about a business or corporation in one location without having to assemble a group of documents

SKU: SF053vv

How do I incorporate a Company?

If you have a business of any type then chances are you have asked yourself whether you should incorporate your business.

SKU: SF8100va

Partnership Determination

This tool would be used by partners who do not have separate bookkeeping when they need to determine what percent of partnership is assigned to each partner.

SKU: SF1101vd

Shares ACB Calculates

When tracking the gain or loss of a share purchased or sold, this spreadsheet would calculate the transaction.

SKU: SF135vd

GST Close a Business

When a business is closing, you need to make notifications to Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) of such. This is a simple form that you can just fill in the blanks and send.

SKU: SF089va

List Assests and Liabilities at Close

List Assets - LEDGERS to list outstanding value for assets (things company own) & liabilities (things company owes)

SKU: SF228vb

Step 1 Bookkeeping

When starting a business or doing bookkeeping, where do you start? You know you need some kind of system. Well, this manual helps you organize and helps you get started in accordance with the GAAP principles.

SKU: SF093va

Financial Statements - Everything you need to Know

When all corporate books are completed, you end up with financial statement reports; you need to understand the basics of these reports. The financial statements "shows you the money"

SKU: SF003v3

Buy, Close, Transfer a Business checklist

This tool is required when you are considering buying, selling or transferring ownership in a business. It is a checklist of what documents you might put together when considering any of those three actions. Consider the tool as a referral form to maintain the various tasks and affix your own due date.

SKU: SF115vg

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