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Progress Report

This tool provides a simple form to keep a record of the progress or pending items of your files. It allows you to make notes about the conversations you had with your clients.

SKU: SF085vh

Bookkeeping Quote SOFTWARE

Bookkeeping is not so different than going to the mechanic. Your clients or potential clients know they need some service work but they have no idea on how much or what we do. How great would it be if we could standardize quoting for billing our bookkeeping tasks?


Service At Overtime

This document requests accountability from your client regarding their information forwarded to the bookkeeper as a service request or a need for completing their file.

SKU: SF585va

Delivery Status Client Files

When you have received information dropped off to you, how do you protect yourself and information? What is there or what service is required to complete? This document will give you a location to record request of service and contents.

SKU: SF271vh

Accounting Cycle

A bookkeeper would record the payment amounts to the government & up to 13 payroll employees. The reporting ledgers create the totals for the T4 of each employee and the employer summary correctly. This worksheet also produces a year to date record on each employee.

SKU: SF900v1

Communication Resolution Tool

When communication between parties needs to be documented this tool will give you a format to begin with. Remember if it is not written down it is not so.

SKU: SF490vc

Bookkeepers Interview

Get to know your client through a Bookkeepers Interview. It allows you to hold the client accountable to the information they have provided you. Asking the right questions to a potential new client is essential. This interview asks 22 questions which will be a great asset to you and your client.

SKU: SF060vi

Bookkeepers Service Agreement

This tool will eliminate the assumption factor. It can be used to : 1. Prepare the client for the fee of the service. 2. Prepare the compiler the work load coming to them. 3. Reassures the client that you are aware of the expectations.

SKU: SF020v3

Financial Statements - Everything you need to Know

When all corporate books are completed, you end up with financial statement reports; you need to understand the basics of these reports. The financial statements "shows you the money"

SKU: SF003v3

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