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What is in a Minute Book

A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents such as the articles of incorporation, the minutes of shareholders and directors meetings, stock certificates, tax filings, by-laws and other legal documents.

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Meeting Minutes Sample

You have the duty of recording minutes for your board meeting and now you question what should those minutes contain? You are not alone. These tips and free template will help you.

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Corporation Minute Book Instructional Tutorial

This power point tutorial will provide you all the information you need to know about the Corporation Minute Book: How to? Why? Set up? Shares?

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Corporation Minute Book Index

What is the minute book for a Corporation? The Minute Book is essential to keep a history of all important decisions that are made in the company and to demonstrate that the company is acting as a corporation.

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Corporation Minute Book Shares

Confused of what is the difference of shares issued for a company "Articles schedule A Share" has descriptions of the disbursements of shares for a Corporation.

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Business Information

You will be able to keep a lot of information about a business or corporation in one location without having to assemble a group of documents.

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Corporation Minute Book Resolution Authorization Dividend

Use this tool to provide written instructions to a bookkeeper or solicitor on the claim of a dividend.

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