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Office In Home

Do not miss out on determining and deducting the costs of running your business or working as an employee from your personal residence.

Using space in your home for work?

Claim that space as a deduction.

Try our easy Office in Home Calculator, to calculate your deduction and provide to your tax professional.

Click here to Read more details about the simplified process for claiming a deduction for home office expenses for employees working from home due to COVID-19

Details ...

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Bookkeepers Quote

Create bookkeeping quotes fast, easy, and accurately with this great online service.

Bookkeeper's Quote

Proven Results!


check  Completely Online! No software to download or update, just login!  
check  Designed exclusively for bookkeeping and accounting service businesses globally. 
check  Create accurate bookkeeping quotes that properly reflect a bookkeepers' time and work on clients' accounts, based on your rates and task/time settings. 
check  Hold the client accountable for the information they provided you at the time of the quotes.
check  Designed to assist a bookkeeper to communicate to the client the cost adjustments in billings after the quote.
check Save time and money for you and your clients.  


Easy to use and intuitive interface with pop up info to help along the way!

bk quote

BK Sample


Bookkeepers Quote



  bullet  Save, edit, or delete any of the quotes you create. 
  bullet  Preset with proven standard rates to get you started quickly.
  bullet  Set your hourly rates, and individual time per bookkeeper task.
  bullet  Maintain a list of all client bookkeeping quotes you’ve created, and recall as needed. 
  bullet  Print professional looking quotes and detailed quote parameters.
  bullet  Establish bookkeepers' job description necessary to satisfy each clients’ own expectation.
  bullet  Count the actual flow of information that arrives from the client.
  bullet  Justifies in writing the expectations of a bookkeeper at commencement.
  bullet  Opens up communication when the bookkeeping services provided exceed the initial expectations.
  bullet  Opportunity to utilize codes for invoicing reference.



  bullet  New to Office 
  bullet  Compliance Methods 
  bullet  General Administration 
  bullet  Client Information 
  bullet  Contacting Government 
  bullet  Matching Records 
  bullet  Payroll & Similar Disbursements 
  bullet  Posting & Invoicing 
  bullet  Year End  
  bullet  Travel 





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